Working Areas

Since inception, IDS Nepal has completed a total of 102 projects distributed over five core areas. The major Thematic Areas of the organization are:

WASH and Community Infrastructure
Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
Natural Resources Management and Agriculture
Sustainable Livelihood, Enterprise and Social Development

Cross-Cutting Areas

  • Capacity Enhancement
  • Knowledge Management
  • Gender Empowerment and Social Inclusion
  • Policy Advocacy

It is important to note that although the projects are sorted by sector for the purpose of visibility, each project often involves the work of multiple sectors. As implied by our name, IDS Nepal takes an integrated approach with each of its projects; a project in Infrastructure Development, for example, still entails activities involving knowledge management and gender sensitivity.

Geographical Coverage

IDS Nepal works in varying geographic and topographic conditions across the country. Over the years, it has worked in more than forty districts of Nepal, and in all regions of the country.