Our Story

Integrated Development Society (IDS) Nepal was originally established by a team of coworkers who shared the common belief that there lacked development organizations that catered specifically to the needs of the community. With the aim of addressing the needs of a community from a grassroots level, IDS Nepal received its NGO status in 2000. Similarly, it was on this basis that IDS Nepal developed the philosophy that technology should be fit into community, and not the other way around.

The organization’s first project was the “Feasibility Study for Training Ensuring Employment Modeling” in coordination with Plan Nepal in the Bara and Rautahat districts. From there, IDS primarily focused on integrated projects involving communities in varied sectors building its credibility and experience through its successful projects. By 2017, the organization had 9 ongoing projects in 47 districts of Nepal.

The success of IDS Nepal is as a result of the combined efforts of its employees and the communities within which it works. As a growing organization, IDS Nepal aims to increase focus on policy research and advocacy because it believes that the greatest impacts are produced through policy intervention. Projects bring change to the community in which they operate, but policies have the potential to bring positive impacts and changes to every district, and the entire country.

Despite substantial progress in its various fields of work, the organization believes that there remains significant work to be done in Nepal. The responsibility, therefore, lies on civil society and independent development organizations. Nepal is a country rich in beauty, natural resources, culture, and innovation. As IDS Nepal continues to develop and prosper, it aims to harness such riches and empower communities to become self-sustainable.