Ongoing Projects

IDS Nepal carefully chooses projects working in various regions and districts of the country, and ensures an explicit focus on the improvement of quality of life for all of its beneficiaries. Since the establishment of IDS Nepal, 115 projects have been successfully completed. The organization currently undergoing Projects.

These projects include:

Work Started: January 2021
Work to be completed:
June 2021
Service Charge:
US$. 224,211.00 ( NPR. 26,438,938.00)
Detailed Activities

Compliment SMP with WASH activities in 1,434 Schools of Jajarkot, Dailekh, Bajura, Bajhang, Darchula, Achham and Doti benefitting 195,857 direct beneficiaries and 625,640 indirect beneficiaries.

  • Rural/Municipal Level Planning and Progress Sharing Meeting
  • Bimonthly WASH Facilitators Level Staff Meeting
  • 3 Star Implementation Review
  • Training to WASH Facilitators and Priority Palikas focal person
  • Training to Child Club, WASH Focal Teacher, and Teachers in Priority Palikas
  • Dissemination and Briefing on WASH in School Procedure
  • Basic Hygiene Supplies Support
  • School Health and Nutrition Week Celebration
  • Facilitate and Support Deworming Campaign in Programme Schools
  • Water System with Handwashing Station
  • Toilet/WASH Maintenance
  • Institutional Improved Cooking Stoves Installation in Doti
  • Case Study/Success Story

Work Started: 15th November; 2020
Work to be completed:
15th June; 2021
Service Charge:
US$. 583,123.31 ( NPR. 23,064,011.00)
Detailed Activities

  • Environmental and Social Risk Screening Arrangement for CFA Activities
  • Engineering/Technical Feasibility Study
  • Ensure Complementarity with Prime Minister Employment Programme
  • Provide Employment Opportunities for PMEP-Registered Unemployed People as Project Beneficiaries
  • Implementation of Prioritized Community Assets for PMEP
  • Tentative List of Identified/Potential Activities/Community Assets to be Developed through Cash Assistance for Assets with their nature/type and quantity
  • Beneficiary Target Process for CFA (Conditional Cash Based Transfer)
  • Selection and Inclusion of Households with Most Vulnerable Members and Arrangement of Unconditional Cash Assistance
  • Beneficiaries Registration and Cash-Transfer Management

Work Started: 1st October 2020
Work to be completed:
31st August 2023
Service Charge: £ 1,07,311.2( NPR. 15,560,124.00)
Detailed Activities
Brown Gold” focuses on marginality, sanitation, and waste water challenges in fast-growing urban towns

  • Collaboration in all research activities
  • Contribute to key project documents that are needed for efficient planning and implementation of the project
  • Support in the identification and liaison with local partnership
  • Undertake field work in Gulariya/Nepal and coordinate with relevant partner working
  • Lead and contribute to the site specific analysis
  • Production of site report for the internal field meetings and workshops
  • Contribute to the comparative analysis
  • Contribute to annual progress reports and the final report

Work Started: 17th August; 2020
Work to be completed:
17th August; 2023
Service Charge:
US$. 583,123.31 ( NPR. 69,974,798.00)
Detailed Activities
Mobilization and engagement of communities with focus on identification of target groups, local organizations, local groups are engaged in improving and managing river basin environment along the stretch between Sinamangal Bridge to Nakhu Confluence of Bagmati river corridor.

  • Increased and Enhanced Community Engagement
  • Community Interaction, Involvement and Participation Plan
  • Strengthened Leadership of Civil Society Platform (CSP)
  • CSP Strategy ad Action Plan
  • Sharing learning and information between Upper Bagmati Stretch and Current Bagmati Stretch
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Promote Best Practices of SWM in Community
  • Ex Post Evaluation Report on SWM
  • Communication and Media Outreach
  • Media Campaign and Community Awareness Plan
  • Document Lessons Learnt that have worked and can be adopted related to Bagmati Welfare
  • Benefit Sharing for Women and Disadvantaged Group
  • Gender Analysis Matrix Report
  • Bridging, Laisioning for Collective Actions
  • Enhance Capacity of the Stakeholders in the Basin within Sinamangal-Balkhu Stretch
  • Heritage Management Implementation Plan

Detailed Activities
Program Implemented in Sagardina Water Supply Project; Materiya Water Supply and Sanitation Project; Matiariya Water Supply and Sanitation Project and Rambasti Water Supply and Sanitation Project
Beneficiaries are
Sagardina Water Supply Project: Total HHs 159; Total Pop. 921 (M 473, F 456); Poor HHs 18 (Pop. 117)
Materiya WSSP: Total HHs 171; Total Pop. 943 (M 495, F 448); Poor HHs 146 (Pop. 801)
Matiariya WSSP: Total HHs 163; Total Pop. 875 (M 476, F 399); Poor HHs 59 (Pop. 293)
Rambasti WSSP: Total HHs 155; Total Pop. 891(M 471, F 420); Poor HHs 72 (Pop. 412)

  • WSS schemes constructing as per design estimates
  • Overhead tank construction and tube well construction
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Fund regular collection
  • Women Technical Support Services (WTSS) strengthening
  • School Health Promotion Conduction