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Integrated Development Society Nepal (IDS-Nepal) is a non-profit and non-governmental development organization; established by young and energetic professionals having knowledge and experience in the fields of engineering, energy, environment, policy making, health, sanitation, capacity development and social development. With each passing year, IDS-Nepal continues to grow as an organization and is currently running on its eighteen year.

A Resilient Society capable of addressing Sustainable Development Challenges

  • To Promote, Integrate and Advocate Applications of Sustainable Development Principles and Practices for Achieving, Collaborative, Community based, Equitable and Efficient Initiatives, Actions and Programs
  • To Develop Sustainable Livelihoods of Poor and Natural Resources Dependent Communities
  • To Enable Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Groups to Climate Change Adaptation and Build Resilience to Disasters
  • To Facilitate Change in Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) for Achieving Total Sanitation
  • To Promote Partnership between Small Farmers, Producers and Entrepreneurs in Collaboration with Private Sectors
  • To Advocate Knowledge and Evidence based Inclusive Policy Change at Different Levels

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