Infrastructure Development, Focusing on Water & Sanitation

As a country that is highly vulnerable to climate change, it is clear that Nepal needs more effective and strategic adaptation and mitigation strategies in light of potentially wide-ranging impacts. Projects by IDS Nepal, therefore, aim to contribute to the country’s wider climate change and development policies. Within this sector, IDS Nepal has been involved in policy-related projects including technical support to the Mountain Initiative, a strategic engagement with UNFCCC, and an Economic Impact Assessment of Climate Change in Nepal. The overarching aim of the above projects is that the issue of climate change and its impacts on various sectors are brought to a global platform.

IDS Nepal’s focus on renewable energy is an extension of its work within climate change, as alternative energies have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2001, IDS Nepal has been a pioneer in the field of alternative energy through the development and promotion of Bio-Briquettes. Bio-Briquettes offer a healthy, environmentally friendly and economically sensible alternative energy source to wood, coal and kerosene. As such, IDS Nepal continues to support and promote new techniques that are less expensive and more community-friendly than traditional processes. Several national and international television broadcasts and newspaper articles have recognized IDS Nepal’s work in the promotion of Bio-Briquettes.