Watershed Management NGO Package 1 JV with CGED Nepal

  • Mapping and Planning of Integrated Watershed Management Plan, mapping of the dam, catchment areas; management plans to mitigate possible impact of tourism/visitors
  • Demonstration and Training programs for watershed management, biodiversity, organic farming and eco-tourism, energy efficient alternatives, eco-friendly household toilets and waste management
  • Organic Farming and Ecotourism
  • Community Afforestation through Plantation of Fuel/Fodder/Fruit Trees for Slope Stabilization, setting up on-farm nursery and finalizing buy-back guarantee of seedlings produced
  • Promotion of more Efficient Cooking Stoves
  • Improved Sanitation and Waste Management, awareness building and communication national and municipality laws and regulations on household waste water management and prevention of river pollution

Client: Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project (BRBIP)/ Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Work Started: July, 2016
Work to be Completed: July, 2019
Service Charge: NPR. 22,645,736.75