Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – Resource Centre Network Nepal (WASH-RCNN) is a loose network of organizations involved within the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors. This network aims to facilitate the sharing of information and to promote the practice of sanitary and hygienic practices. Eight years after its establishment, WASH-RCNN is still heavily involved in the sector and it is currently working as an NGO.

Members of the network include BSP Nepal, NEPHO, FEDW ASUN, FSC Nepal, Lumanti, NRCS, and IDS Nepal. Focused on knowledge dissemination, WASH-RCNN provides an E-bulletin that aims to maintain effective communication within WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) sector professionals. Titled “PANEE ra SARSAFAI”, the monthly e-bulletin hopes to play a catalytic role to communicate WASH knowledge and experiences within development professionals. WASH-RCNN has also been producing a ‘WASH Knowledge Series’ every month since April 2010.

For more information on WASH-RCNN, visit the website.