Understanding Water and Sanitation Data of the Bagmati Watershed Area

The project aims to analyse available demographic, socio-ecological, water & sanitation and watershed related data of the Bagmati River Basin (BRB) of Nepal. The river basin is located adjacent to the capital city and bears a huge significance for a number of issues such as water supply, social and cultural values, flood risk management and watershed conservation. At first, we will systematize the data for scientific analysis. IDS-Nepal is currently working with the Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project (BRBIP), local communities, government institutions and NGOs to enhance solid waste management, social mobilization and watershed management activities in the upper region of the basin. The IDS-Nepal has generated a wealth of socio-ecological and water use related data from the project area. The project will implement following key activities and achieve expected outcomes and its potential impacts.
• Systematise available data on demographic, water and sanitation and watershed characteristics
• Analyse data and information using standard qualitative/quantitative methods
• Hold stakeholder meeting s to discuss the results and get feedback

Client: Imperial College, London, UK
Work Started: July, 2018
Work t be Completed: March, 2019
Service Charge: £ 6,090.00