Training Workshop on Orientation and Monitoring & Evaluation of Karyanwayan Prize

The A@SP Stage 2 Project Orientation and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Training Workshops were conducted in Banke (Nepalgunj). This two-day workshop covered the entire gamut of conceptual, practical and cross sectoral aspects of climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation needs as well as approaches. In Banke, during the opening session, the former Vice Chairman of National Planning Commission of Nepal shared global and national scenarios of climate change and how they are impacting the lives and livelihoods of Nepalese people. They also highlighted the significance of climate change adaptation activities that are homegrown and encouraged the participants to work with their limited resources but unlimited knowledge for up scaling and replicating best practices to reduce the impacts of climate change in both short and long run. Sharing of expectations and presentations on their activities was followed by thematic sessions relevant to the project. The thematic experts delivered on different thematic issues in each workshop.