Total Sanitation Activities support in Fund Board supported ODF District in Bara

➢ Formation, reformation and activation of different groups for proper implementation of program activities
➢ Construction of water seal toilet and proper maintenance and utilization of toilet in working area
➢ Awareness locality for constructing toilet with safety tank or toilet with twin pit
➢ Encouraging use of locally available resources for construction of toilet with super structure and useable friendly toilet
➢ Management of degradable and non-degradable waste
➢ Encouraging use of ICS instead of traditional stoves
➢ Campaigning personal, household and environmental sanitation at least once a month
➢ Two time Healthy House Survey
➢ Making habits of Handwashing practices
➢ Attending regular meeting of D-WASH-CC/RM/M-WASH-CC
➢ Coordination with Sanitation Marketing Promotion / Sanitation Marketing Entrepreneurs to effective implementation of ODF/Total Sanitation

Work Started: May, 2018
Work to be Completed: January, 2019
Service Charge: NPR. 1,161,143.00