Sustainable Water and Sanitation Program, Banke (Completed June 2005)

Start Date: July 2005

End Date: June 2005

Location: Banke

Donor(s): Plan Nepal, Banke Program Unit

Budget: NRs. 4,806,246.42 (US$ 67,693.61)

The aim of this project was to successfully grant five community villages with an Open Defecation Free (ODF) status. The Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach was used and CLTS-related activities were held in three communities. The project also involved the construction of community bathrooms, simple incinerators and school gardens in Plan Nepal working communities.

This particular phase of the program involved the construction of 235 family latrines, 38 simple pit latrines, 20 latrines at Early Child Care Development (ECCD) centres, 6 school latrines, 3 public latrines, and 8 incinerator waste disposals, as well as the installation of 70 tube wells.

Water quality testing for arsenic contamination was done using 1000 samples, there was water management training for user groups, and there were school activities done to raise awareness.