Solid Waste Management and Social Mobilization NGO Package 3

• Mobilization and engagement of communities
• Coordination and capacity strengthening of project stakeholders
• Organizational strengthening and institutional development
• Promotion of gender equity and social inclusion
• Demonstration of Sustainable Solid waste management practices
• Knowledge development and dissemination
• Media Campaign and Community Awareness
• Develop local institutional mechanisms to promote community involvement, interaction, participation, coordination and mobilization, including water pollution and solid waste management
• Establishment of working groups
• Support establishment of NGO platform
• Motivational Activities
• Water Pollution and Solid Waste Management Strategy, Plan and Implementation
• Gender and Social Inclusion Action Plan

Client: Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project (BRBIP)/ Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Work Started: June, 2016
Work to be Completed: June, 2019
Service Charge: NPR. 56,383,045.00