Service Organization (SO) for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board for Fukru, Ghuguti, Arma, Sakcha and Rugadada, and Dhanara Schemes for Development Phase in Rukum (Completed March 2010)

Start Date: July 2009

End Date: March 2010

Location: Rukum

Donor(s): Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board

Budget: NRs. 1,891,718.00 (US$ 27,596.17)

This project involved the construction of water supply structures such as a reservoir tank, interruption chamber, break pressure tank, wash out, and tap stand post. So as to achieve permanent latrine construction, there was also the implementation of a Sanitation Resolving Loan Fund (SRLF).

Additional community-based roles – including a Village Maintenance Worker (VMW), a Village Health Promoter (VHP), and a Water Users Committee (WUC) Treasurer – were put in place so as to ensure increased efficiency. In order to increase accountability, training was also provided to the above designations. IDS Nepal ensured gender equality by initiating a Women’s Technical Support Service and providing them training for a savings and credit program as well as a income generation program.

This phase of the project involved five Drinking Water and Sanitation Schemes: Fuku, Ghuguti, Sakchha, Dhanara, and Rugadada. As education and raising awareness play an important role in community empowerment, five participatory discussions and an orientation program were conducted during the project period. Additionally, various activities were held for children’s clubs, wall paintings were made, and a hand-washing week and a personal hygiene week were organized. Water and Sanitation User Committees (WUSCs) were formed and they were provided water management training.