Service Organization (SO) for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board for Development Phase (Batch-IX) (Completed May 2012)

Start Date: September 2011

End Date: May 2012

Location: Khungri, Dhanachaur, Upper Gumchal, Khadkatole, Kunjari and BrakarayKhola in Rolpa District

Donor(s): Rural Water Supply Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSFDB)

Budget: NRs. 2,062,842.00 (US$ 27,966.95)

The development phase of this project focused on establishing user groups and committees. It involved participatory discussion and orientation programs, educational activities and classes, promotional awareness, formation of Water and Sanitation Users Committees (WSUCs), water management training, and the establishment of an operation and maintenance (O&M) fund.