Post Open Defecation Free (ODF) Support in GSF Supported ODF District in Bardiya

• Sector Coordination and Planning workshop on total sanitation promotion program
• VDC level post ODF/TSSP plan of Action formulation workshop
• Capacity building orientation training on total sanitation guideline for VDC secretaries and Secretaries of Rural Municipality
• 54 events of 2 days ward level total sanitation orientation including all cross cutting issues
• Base line survey of 6 VDCs
• Advocacy, awareness and demonstration and visibility through electronic and print media
• Develop sanitation model community 2 in each VDC comprising 50 HHs in average
• Conduct triggering activities in different strategic locations by TSF, Local level triggerers, monitor
• Monitoring and evaluation visit for quality assurance and motivation
• Documentation and Dissemination

Work Started: July; 2017
Work to be Completed: July; 2018
Service Charge: US$. 77,370.00 (NPR. 7,969,110.00)


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