NGO Services to Support and Assist PCU & Local NGOs in the Implementation of DRILP (Completed October 2011)

Start Date: March 2007

End Date: October 2011


Budget: Nrs. 24,255,262.48 (US$ 378,988.48)

The three main objectives of the Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihoods Project (DRILP) are: community development and rural livelihood restoration; capacity building and decentralized governance; and provision of rural transport infrastructure and complementary infrastructure investments. The project activities occurred in 18 of Nepal’s hill and mountain districts.

In coordination with the 18 districts, IDS Nepal assisted a local NGO in community participation and mobilization and helped conduct training workshops at different community levels. 18 District Road Construction Committees (DRCC) and 29 Village Works Road Construction Committees (VWRCC) were formed, with more than 1000 Building Groups (BGs) strengthening them through different institutional activities in 37 sub-projects and 36 supplementary investment activities.

During the entire duration of the project, IDS Nepal also ensured the involvement and participation of women and other disadvantaged groups in all activities implemented. IDS Nepal additionally ensured that the local NGO implemented social safeguard instruments and mitigation measures to minimize the adverse impacts of the project on all stakeholders. An assessment of gender mainstreaming in the rural transportation component was also conducted.