NGO Services for Design and Implementation of Community Program (CDP) of UEIP, PIU or Bharatpur Municipality (Completed August 2010)

Start Date: April 2007

End Date: August 2010

Location: Bharatpur

Donor(s): UEIP, Bharatpur Municipality/ADB

Budget: NRs. 5,567,920.82 (US$ 80,929.08)

This purpose of this project was to ensure effective management of the Community Development Program in the Bharatpur Municipality, which entailed its supervision and reporting of its planning and implementation. IDS Nepal acted as a liaison between the client and funding agency for duration of the project.

Major supportive programs were provisioned for poor and disadvantaged families, including a Livelihood Enhancement (LES) Program, and a Small Community Facilities Development (SCFD) Program. Three training sessions on Gender and Inclusion were also provided to ensure involvement and participation of all relevant stakeholders in the project. It was calculated that 6553 households and 39,323 people benefitted from the project.