Lalitpur Water and Sanitation Project (Completed September 2010)

Start Date: June 2009

End Date: September 2010

Location: Dukuchhap, Khokana, Bungmati, Sainbu, Harisiddhi, Thaiba, Godamchaur and Bishankhu Narayan in Lalitpur

Donor(s): World Vision International

Budget: NRs. 6,591,880.00 (US$ 85,664.45)

The aim of this project was to improve community health through the reduction of waterborne diseases in Lalitpur working areas; to do so, the project focused on eight VDCs within the district. There were a total of 18 water supply schemes in this project, 14 of renovation and 4 of new construction. IDS Nepal also supported the formation of Water User Committees (WUCs) where none existed, and later provided these Committees with an orientation explaining their roles and responsibilities, as well as training on the operation and maintenance of water schemes. Aware of the importance of community involvement, community-based orientation was conducted in order to teach water quality testing techniques. Of the 480 households and 1,912 people benefitting, it was especially women and children that gained from the project.