Implementation of Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP)

Start Date: March 1, 2013
End Date: February 28, 2015
Location: Bajhang, Accham, Kalikot, Dailekh, and Jajarkot
Donor(s): MSFP, DFID, SDC, GoN, Finland
Budget: NPR 196,771,889.40

MSFP aims to improve livelihoods and resilience of the poor and disadvantaged people in Nepal by developing the contribution of Nepal’s forestry sector to include economic growth, poverty reduction, and address climate change. IDS Nepal is the lead implementing agency for Lot VI of MSFP, in collaboration with CECI, HIMAWANTI, and Ashmita-Nepal. MSFP Lot VI is being implemented in five districts (Bajhang, Achham, Kalikot, Dailekh, and Jajarkot) of the Far- and Mid-West regions of Nepal.

The programme will increase investment and growth of jobs in forestry by the private sector (farmers, entrepreneurs and financial institutions) and establish long-term business partnerships between the private sector, local forestry groups (LFG) and farmers for forest-based enterprises to jointly manage forests and trees in a sustainable manner. Rural communities, especially poor, disadvantaged and climate-vulnerable people or households, benefit from LFGs managing and accessing more and better forest resources, LFGs practicing good governance, provision of goods and services (including finance) from LFGs and multi-stakeholder structures to the poor, disadvantaged and climate-vulnerable, and the implementation of plans and constitutions by LFGs that reflect sustainability and improve climate resilience.