Implementation and Consolidation Phases of WASH Program in Kochiwang VDC (Completed July 2012)

Start Date: April 2011

End Date: July 2012

Location: Kochiwang VDC

Donor(s): Pyuthan District Development Committee (DDC)

Budget: NRs. 1,352,000.00(US$ 18,935.57)

IDS Nepal’s role in this project was to facilitate and support in the implementation of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program in the Kochiwang VDC. In doing so, IDS provided technical support for the Detailed Engineering Survey and Design, and it implemented various community-based training activities relating to domestic water supply, hygiene, nutrition, and so on.

IDS Nepal also conducted a public awareness campaign on hygiene and sanitation and later assessed the campaign’s success. In addition, IDS Nepal provided support during the construction phases of the water supply scheme by ensuring gender equity and social inclusion, and participation and social mobilization.

A survey was conducted to assess the status of existing income generation activities at the community level so as to determine the “gaps” within the system. IDS Nepal then facilitated the establishment of links between the Water and Sanitation Users Committee (WSUC), Community Health Services Advisory Committee (CHSAC) and (IG) with financial and related institutions for promoting additional income generation activities. Moreover, the project successfully resulted in greater self-reliance through institutional strengthening.