Implement and Prepare WASH in Schools Profile Report of Mid and Far Western Public Schools

➢ Consultation meeting with concern stakeholders
➢ Sharing and finalizing questionnaire with WFP, DoE and WASH experts for finalizing questionnaire
➢ Sharing final questionnaire with WFP and DoE in both Nepali and English
➢ Print the finalize questionnaire from the printing press
➢ Orientation to enumerators about the survey form
➢ Collect, process and analyse the status of WASH related knowledge and practice among students and WASH facilities in all public schools
➢ Identify WASH related knowledge, practice and infrastructure gaps in the region
➢ Compile and prepare standard status report of WASH in schools

Client: World Food Programme
Work Started: January 01; 2018
Work to be Completed: April 30; 2018