Ideas to Impact – Adaptation at Scale Prize Project (Partners CGED-Nepal and SIAS)

• Managing the incoming prize applications where still outstanding, and developing relationships with these applications
• Developing the capacity of applicants to monitor their progress from the start of Stage 2 going forward, including the development of suitable indicators and verification tools
• Developing and distributing relevant materials to applicants including supporting them in their applications where necessary
• Utilizing the organization’s resources and/or media partners and network to promote the prize will also be an invaluable tool to engage a wider community of interested experts and solvers
• Supporting the judging process through selection of judges, and development of the judging criteria in collaboration with the technical advisers
• Undertaking verification and due diligence on possible prize winners
• Leading on the communication to applicants, winners, and runners up
• Disseminating learning from the prize in Nepal and wider if possible
• Managing a Project Advisory Committee including organizing regular meetings and communications
• Contribute to the overall Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Verification processes and ensuring the collection of appropriate data
• Developing and managing small mid-term ‘recognition’ prizes as agreed with the Consortium

Client: Department for International Development of UK (DFID UK)
Work Started: March, 2017
Work to be Completed: April, 2019
Service Charge: £ 161,460.00 (NRs. 21,321,720.00)