Consulting Services (Phase II) on Solid Waste Management Approaches for Rural Villages (Completed June 2008)

Start Date: March 2008

End Date: June 2008

Donor(s): Finnish Consulting Group Ltd., Rural Villages Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP), Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Roads (DoLIDAR)

Budget: NRs. 772,072.00 (US$ 11,823.46)

IDS Nepal provided a compilation of research and lessons learned in the fields of policy, legislation, institutional organization, and technology set-up with regards to the topic of integrated solid waste management. In studying the existing problems of solid waste management, a special focus was placed on the rural villages of Dadeldhura, Bajura & Baitadi. The research collected was followed by consultative workshops with related stakeholders so as to ensure accuracy.

Based on the findings, recommendations for the most suitable ways forward in integrated solid waste management – that being social, educational and technological interventions – were provided for the project areas.