Completed Project

Community Bio-Briquette (Banaspati Gueetha) and Livelihood Project (CBLP) (Completed September 2007)

Community Based Water Quality Assessment for Dailekh and Baitadi (Completed August 2007)

Water and Environmental Sanitation Program (Completed June 2007)

Water Quality Testing of Selected DWS of Sahakarya (Completed March 2007)

Water and Environmental Sanitation Program, Banke (Completed June 2006)

Community Banaspati Gueetha (Bio-Briquette) Training (Completed December 2005)

Community School Support Program (Completed December 2005)

Community Bio-Briquette Training (Completed June 2005)

Sustainable Water and Sanitation Program, Banke (Completed June 2005)

Resource Centre Development Project (Completed May 2005)

Community Bio-Briquette Project (Completed December 2004)

Water Quality Testing of Different Schemes in Surkhet District (Completed October 2004)

Baseline Survey of Junior Red Cross International Friendship Project (Completed July 2004)

Fire Disaster Support Program for Fire Victim Families (Completed June 2004)

Sustainable Water and Sanitation, Banke (Completed June 2004)

Needs Assessment Study of Community Based Organization (Completed April 2004)

Water Quality Testing for Arsenic in Water Sources (Completed November 2003)

Socio-Economic Baseline Survey of 12 VDCs of Lalitpur District (Completed October 2003)

Training/Workshop on “Arsenic in Drinking Water” (Completed September 2003)

Sustainable Environment Program (Completed June 2003)