Community Based Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Jajarkot (Completed June 2010)

Start Date: July 2007

End Date: June 2010

Location: Jajarkot

Donor(s): Community Water Supply & Sanitation Office, Jajarkot District Development Committee (DDC), Asian Development Bank

Budget: NRs. 1,387,940.25 (US$ 21,518.25)

The goal of this project was poverty alleviation through improved health and quality of life of the people living in the 1200 rural communities. The project provided water supply and sanitation facilities, as well as capacity building training in selected communities. This project was implemented using a community-based, demand-driven procedure that ensured full participation of the local users in the formulation, implementation and operation and maintenance of the town projects.

The subproject areas include Sima, Thalaraikar, and Jugathapa Chour. With the facilitation of IDS Nepal, three rural water schemes were implemented, 3 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) were formed, and 124 pipeline taps were constructed.

With a focus on community empowerment, the project also included an institutional strengthening component, wherein IDS Nepal trained the Water User and Sanitation Committee (WUSC) and local community to be equipped for the planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project. The training sessions paid a special focus to gender equity and the involvement and participation of women and other disadvantaged groups. In total, 537 households and 3469 people benefitted from the project.