Banaspati Gueetha Resource Centre Network Nepal (BGRCNN) is a loose network of national non-governmental organizations, national and international organizations, government bodies, industry leaders and businesses, and educational and research institutions with valuable expertise, information and product knowledge relevant to the Bio-Briquette sector. The purpose of the BGRCNN is to form a network of appropriate organizations that will collaborate, transfer knowledge and disseminate information to all relevant stakeholders so as to promote the awareness, use, feasibility, and functionality of Bio-Briquettes within Nepal.

IDS Nepal has been actively involved with for over five years in the promotion of Bio-Briquettes as an alternative energy source for rural communities. IDS Nepal collaborates with these communities to promote the production, sale and use of Bio-Briquettes. By training producer groups and educating them on the benefits of the Bio-Briquettes, IDS Nepal aims to reduce deforestation in Nepal, whilst simultaneously mitigating the impacts of climate change and uplifting the lives of rural communities.