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Support to the 2015 Earthquake Victims of Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchok and Gorkha Districts of Nepal

IDS Nepal's relief work is supported by All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) through a new agreement "Support to the 2015 Earthquake Victims of Bhaktapur and Gorkha Districts of Nepal". The objectives of the program is to access and provide instant relief support for earthquake victims of gorkha and bhaktapur districts for approx. 1000  households; and to develop concepts for exploring the possibilities of long term support for the rehabilitation of the affected area. The first phase of providing instant relief package (shelter, dry foods, and basic medical kit) will form a ground for rapid assessment of the area, socio-economic conditions, loss and damage status and specific needs of the targeted area. This will help in designing contextual temporary shelter and supporting rehabilitation and recovery work.

Start Date: 01 May 2015 

End Date: 31 May 2015 

Donor:    All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) 

Budget: USD 4,0985.00 NPR.  4160000.00


Detail Activities: Provide instant relief support to 1000 disaster victims of Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk district

1000 HHs will directly benefit for shelter, dry food items, blankets, and first aid kit in Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk district.