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Ongoing projects


Ongoing Projects

IDS Nepal carefully chooses projects working in various regions and districts of the country, and ensures an explicit focus on the improvement of quality of life for all of its beneficiaries. Since the establishment of IDS Nepal, 110 projects have been successfully completed. The organization is currently undergoing Seven Projects.

These projects include:

Ideas to Impact - Adaptation at Scale Prize Project (Partners CGED-Nepal and SIAS) Detailed Activities: Managing the incoming prize applications where still outstanding, and developing relationships with these applications Developing the capacity of applicants to monitor their progress from the start of Stage 2 going forward, including the development of suitable indicators and verification tools Developing and distributing relevant materials to applicants including supporting them in their applications where necessary Utilizing the organization's resources and/or media partners and network to promote the prize will also be an invaluable tool to engage a wider community of interested experts and solvers Supporting the judging process through selection of judges, and development of the judging criteria in collaboration with the technical advisers Undertaking verification and due diligence on possible prize winners
NGO Services for Implementation of Social and Health Awareness, Livelihood Enhancement and Biodiversity Conservation Activities Detailed Activities: Livelihood enhancement through local capacity building Women and disadvantaged group mainstreaming Minimize unintended road accident and health impact of road corridor community Biodiversity conservation, supervise and monitor afforestation and bioengineering efforts Communication and media outreach
Watershed Management NGO Package 1 JV with CGED Nepal Detailed Activities: Support for the Declaration of the SNNP buffer zone; sensitization and community awareness building and social mobilization activities for community based conservation and watershed management Mapping and Planning of Integrated Watershed Management Plan, mapping of the dam, catchment areas; management plans to mitigate possible impact of tourism/visitors Demonstration and Training programs for watershed management, biodiversity, organic farming and eco-tourism, energy efficient alternatives, eco-friendly household toilets and waste management Organic Farming and Ecotourism Community Afforestation through Plantation of Fuel/Fodder/Fruit Trees for Slope Stabilization, setting up on-farm nursery and finalizing buy-back guarantee of seedlings produced Promotion of more Efficient Cooking Stoves Improved Sanitation and Waste Management, awareness building and communication national and municipality laws and regulations on household waste water…
Consulting Service for Solid Waste Management and Social Mobilization NGO Package 3 Detailed Activities: Mobilization and engagement of communities with focus on identification of target groups, local organizations, local groups are engaged in improving and managing river basin environment along the stretch between Sundarijal to Sinamangal of Bagmati river corridor. Mobilization and engagement of communities Coordination and capacity strengthening of project stakeholders Organizational strengthening and institutional development Promotion of gender equity and social inclusion Demonstration of Sustainable Solid waste management practices Knowledge development and dissemination Media Campaign and Community Awareness Develop local institutional mechanisms to promote community involvement, interaction, participation, coordination and mobilization, including water pollution and solid waste management Establishment of working groups Support establishment of NGO platform Motivational Activities Water Pollution and Solid Waste Management Strategy, Plan and Implementation Gender…