Building Nepal into the future



South North Knowledge Transfer

In its efforts to practice effective knowledge management, IDS Nepal has also been involved in the engagement of international volunteers from various developed countries. Among other sources, the organization has received volunteers through the Uniterra, Leave for Change and Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) programs. To date, fifteen volunteers have worked alongside IDS Nepal. In this process, volunteers have contributed to the organization’s progress with work in the fields of business development, climate change, renewable energy promotion, communication and institutional development.


Uniterra is a Canadian program established jointly by World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and the International Centre for Studies and Cooperation (CECI). Uniterra has paired eight volunteers with IDS Nepal to build capacity and share knowledge:


Leave for Change is run through the Uniterra program. This program pairs corporate employees with organizations for three to four weeks to share knowledge and skills from successful corporations. Four Leave for Change volunteers have been partnered with IDS Nepal:


AYAD  is an Australian program funded by the Australian government that aims to strengthen mutual understanding of development. It places skilled Australian youths (age 18-30) with organizations to both learn and share their skills. To date, three AYAD volunteers have been placed with IDS Nepal: