Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development(TAMD) Framework (Addendum)

Detail Activities of Phase 1. Scoping, Appraisal and Design-Develop a policy engagement strategy for the TAMD initiative with the Government of Nepal and other key stakeholders in the country, review TAMD draft outputs, conduct engagement activities around the TAMD Appraisal and Design workshop
o Assessment of existing data and baselines, developing understanding of contextual vulnerability in potential areas
o Developing vulnerability indicators, socio-economic indicators, finalize sampling and matching, Himalayan data collection
o Main data collection through iterative process, track 1 analysis and linkages
Analysis and write up, dissemination

Client: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Work Started: April, 2013
Work to be Completed: March, 2015
Service Charge: £. 102,585.00 (NPR. 13,877,793.30)