Implementation of Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program (Partner CECI, Associate HIMAWANTI and Asmita)

• Private sector (farmers, entrepreneurs and financial institutions) increase investment and jobs in the forestry sector
o Lasting business partnerships established between private sector, local forestry groups (LFG), and farmers for forest-based enterprises
• Rural communities-especially poor, disadvantaged and climate vulnerable people and HHs-benefit from local forest management and other investments
o Local forestry groups managing and accessing more and better forest resources
o Local forestry groups and multi-stakeholder structures practice good governance
o Poor, disadvantaged and climate vulnerable HHs receive targeted goods and services (including finance) from local forestry groups and multi-stakeholder structures
o Local forestry groups implement plans and constitutions that reflect sustainability and improve climate resilience
Forest and trees sustainably managed by government, communities and private sector and climate resilient

Client: Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program/ DFID, SDC, GoN, Finland
Work Started: March, 2013
Work to be Completed: February, 2015
Service Charge: NPR. 196,771,889.40